Michigan – EIR w/Red Spruce top – Commission:

12/07/11 – Initial Impressions: The guitar was very well packed both inside the shipping box as well as inside the case. Additionally, Ken place a humidifier in the accessory case compartment which greatly helped during shipping. When I first opened the case, the pleasant smell of wood hit me. Hopefully, some of the wood smell will remain for the life of the guitar. The construction, fit and finish of the guitar are excellent. I had expected this level of quality due the various guitar photos on his website. Played the guitar for about an hour and noticed a few aspects of the guitar. First is the neck shape. It is a cross between a v-shape and round shape, so I guess it would be a soft v-shape and very comfortable to play. Second, the guitar is more balanced toward the neck which is due to the neck construction (Honduran Mahogany and Koa) and how Ken attaches the neck to the body. While some might prefer the guitar to have a “center” balance, I like the slight neck balance. Also, it instills confidence that the neck will be problem free over time. Third is the fret wire. I was expecting a larger gauge wire which would have been fine, but the fret wire used reminds me of my 1978 Les Paul. Slides and bends are extremely easy to execute and this was a welcomed surprise.

12/08/11 The guitar spent the night with an Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier with OU-2 Digital Hygrometer. The humidity level was 47.8 percent. The guitar sounded even better and more balanced in tone as well as playability.

12/09/11 to 12/11/11 On Saturday, I spent a solid hour playing along with one of my favorite Joe Ely CDs, Live at Liberty Lunch and the new CD by Cody Canada and the Departed (excellent CD after leaving Cross Canadian Ragweed). The guitar has continued to improve in sound and tonal balance. The playability of the guitar is exceptional. While it is hard to imagine, the guitar should continue to improve over the next six months. Extremely satisfied with my purchase and will have one made for my Dad for delivery next Christmas.

— Jody / Abilene, Texas / December 2011