Fine Acoustic and Electric Guitars


My main focus is acoustic guitars.

I build custom acoustic guitars in five different sizes, ranging from a OO to a small jumbo. Each is named after one of the larger bodies of water that border this great state of Michigan. For details about each specific model and to see photos of past builds, click on THE GUITARS and SIGHTS & SOUNDS links at left.

Though I primarily build acoustic guitars, I have built a handful of electrics. These can also be seen on the SIGHTS & SOUNDS page.

During the summer of 2023, I built a black walnut Huron for George in Romania and a Madagascar Rosewood Michigan for Eric here in SE Michigan. Over the winter, I designed an octave mandolin, and I had hoped to build one of those this summer. But I didn’t have time to squeeze one in.


Combining a love of woodworking and music.

I have a small one-man shop in southeastern Michigan near Ann Arbor. I build a handful of guitars each year, mostly during the winter months. My experience working with wood goes back close to 40 years, with guitar making going back ten years. I do play guitar, but I am a better luthier than player! If you would like to learn more about me and my build philosophy, click THE LUTHIER link at left.


What is happening in the shop?

During the summer of 2022, I built a presentation grade quilted sapele Huron for Jon and a nautically themed crelicam ebony Huron for Patrick.  The blogs of these builds can be seen by clicking the BUILD BLOG link at left. Be sure to check out the pictures linked in the respective blogs as each of these guitars is pretty spectacular.

Over the winter, I have been designing an octave mandolin and hope to build it during 2023.


What my customers are saying about my guitars.

Several of my customers have sent me feedback to post on my website. Click the FEEDBACK link at left to read their feedback. If you have played one of my guitars and wish to have your feedback included, send me your comments, and I will include it.

In addition to the items highlighted above, the links at left will take you to galleries and sound clips of previously delivered guitars, features, and ordering information. Reach out at the email noted at left if you would like any more information. I can typically respond within a day.