13 Fret Michigan – Sinker Mahogany w/Red Spruce top – Commission:

Dave posted some comments on Acoustic Guitar Forum regarding this guitar, which I include below. He also sent me a few brief emails at later dates, which I also include. In March 2015, Dave sent me some sound clips of his guitar, which I also link below:


Feb 20,2015: …I guess for the lush sound, I like rosewoods, but I have to say, this OM played light finger style is so nice. and it does respond to a hard attack as well! I probably won’t part with it, as it is a fine instrument. I think I associate mahogany with the more fundamental tone and your bracing yields a wonderful lush tone…I enjoy it every time I pick it up. If I were to commission another build from you (and that is a possibility, if funds allow), I think I would go for a L style in Addi/Mahogany…

Dec 25, 2014 Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!!

The OM gets better every time I play her. a fine guitar!

Sep 7, 2014 The guitar is sounding great, but I need to experiment with some different strings.


Aug 29, 2014: Well, this is the first custom build for me, just delivered via UPS yesterday. I’ve had this fine OM in my hands for a few hours now and can share my initial impressions, which no doubt will change as the guitar settles in. Every time I pick her up, the tone seems to be a little different, bigger maybe. The tone is crystalline and clear. Very balanced. I expect some more of the fundamental woodiness will reveal itself as the guitar ages. The neck shape is perfect for me. 1 3/4 width, ever so slight V with a modern Taylor like profile. Very smooth feel. The finish seems to be thin and glossy, no imperfections. The build is impeccable as far as I can see. I thought the wood combination of Adi/mahogany give a fairly fundamental tone; this guitar has that but it also shimmers. The tones seem to breathe, if that makes any sense. Very responsive to the light finger style touch have not played her with a pick much, but I expect that with Adi/mahogany, and a little higher action, she would be an excellent strummer as well. I play in DADGAD quite a bit and the guitar currently has Martin PB lights. I may try mediums or medium/lights to see what works best in drop tuning. Intonation is spot on, no dead spots up and down the fretboard. Any way, Thank You Ken! It has been nothing but a joy working with you from start to finish. I’m already thinking about the next build Dave

— Dave / Radnor, PA / August 2014