St Clair – Curly Eastern Black Walnut and Engelmann Spruce – Commission:

I completed Andrew’s St Clair Apr 2021. At the time of this posting, the guitar had only been strung up a few weeks. Ross, Andrew’s father, has been extremely complimentary throughout the build and sent me an email after Andrew had the guitar for a few days. Ross told me I was welcome to post his comments to my website:

Apr 21, 2021: We have guitars that were fairly expensive when new, the new Taylor V-class series in a 6 string and a 12 string, which is touted to be the most perfect balance of tone, and neither of those can touch the Casper St. Clair.  The tone and overtones on the Casper are stellar, we will never understand how you did it, but have validated that your work is unparalleled.  We don’t how we deserved this, but are so thankful for you and your craftsmanship and artistry.

Apr 19, 2021: The sound is as incredible as the looks.  The guitar keeps sounding better by the day, which we did not think was possible.  It was a fantastic experience from the beginning to playing it.  I am glad that Andrew was able to play it for you.  Since you are so humble, I am glad that you were able to hear the fruits of your labor.  Angelic voices from the work of your hands, every time we think that the sound can’t get better it does get better.

We are still in shock, thank you again for being you, and sharing your gift with the world.

My Mother is a Beatles fan, and hearing Let it be, brought tears to her eyes. The overtones are so nice, if you closed your eyes, you could hear John, Paul and George singing their flawless harmonies.  My Father commented that it was the best sounding guitar that he has ever heard.  Although he is legally blind, his hearing is still sharp, and with music he is not known to be complimentary…maybe too many years in the seminary learning choir and classical music. Ava Maria brought tears to his eyes. We can’t thank you enough.

Ross / Plymouth, Michigan / April 2021