St. Clair

The St. Clair is similar to the Gibson L-OO, though I have tended to make it with a slightly shallower body. I use scalloped x-bracing on the top and build the top slightly lighter than I would on larger models, allowing this small body guitar to still deliver a pretty full sound.


Built to a 24.9" scale, this guitar is a real blues machine.


Here is a YouTube video of the Pure Michigan Guitar.

The Michigan is an orchestra size similar to Martin's OM. However, the Michigan is slightly more rounded at the top of the upper bout. This body style is a very comfortable size. It is big enough to provide a full sound while still being small enough to easily hold and play:


Upper Bout: 11 1/4"

Lower Bout: 15 1/16"

Waist: 9 1/8"

Body Length: 19 1/2"

Body at Heel: 3 7/16"

Body at Tail: 4 1/8"


I have built this guitar deeper at the neck and at the tail depending on what my customer wants.


May 2015: Added photos of Atsushi's curly sapele cutaway.

The Huron is an enlarged version of the Michigan, sort of a grand orchestra size, yet smaller than the Superior. I designed this guitar as I had received so much interest from customers.


I recently completed the first guitar of this model for Beth. The feedback thus far has been very positive. I hope to have a review from Beth I can post soon :


Upper Bout: 11 5/8"

Lower Bout: 16"

Waist: 9 5/8"

Body Length: 20"

Body at Heel: 3 1/2"

Body at Tail: 4 5/8"


The Superior is based on the lovely proportioned Gibson J-185, though the Superior is slightly wider in the waist. The Superior has a full rich sound as expected from the larger body:


Upper Bout: 11 13/16"

Lower Bout: 16"

Waist: 9 7/8"

Body Length: 20 1/4"

Body at Heel: 3 1/2"

Body at Tail: 4 5/8"


For a bigger sound, the body can be built with a tail depth up to 5". I generally build it slightly less deep, making the guitar easier to hold in the lap and play.


Jun 2017: Added photos of Tom's highly figured bubinga Superior.

I currently offer four styles of acoustic guitars:


St. Clair - OO small body

Michigan - OOO concert size

Huron - Grand concert

Superior - Small jumbo


Mid 2015, I renamed my guitar models after the lakes that border this great state of Michigan.


Click on a model name at right for more info including dimensions. For photos of recently built guitars, click the respective guitar photo. Sound files of a few of these guitars can be found here.


My main focus is acoustic guitars, but I have built a few electrics (photos).