I first ventured into woodworking over thirty years ago, working in a cabinet shop in my small home town. I left the shop and pursued a career in finance, but my love for woodworking stayed with me. I eventually accumulated tools for my own shop and built furniture in my spare time.


Over the years I had assembled a nice collection of electric guitars. The guitar missing, though, was a decent acoustic. In talking acoustic guitars with a friend one day, he told me, “Ken, why don’t you build one?” The idea eventually took hold, and I built my first guitar based on a Martin OMC.


Building guitars has turned into a real passion for me, but as I continue to have my career in finance, I can only build a few guitars a year. Each guitar is made with great attention to every detail. I pride myself on the fit and finish of each guitar. Every joint, miter, and inlay are done with the care and expertise of a craftsman intent on giving voice and beauty to the various woods and materials destined to become a guitar.


My shop is located in Michigan. I build traditionally styled guitars using modern tools. Yes, I do own a CNC machine as well as other power tools. These machines help with some of the repetitive tasks, but my process is not automated. In fact, much is still done by hand as I final shape, custom fit, or voice components to make a guitar that is truly extraordinary.


I also do my own finishes using environmentally friendly water-based lacquers, which is very durable and feels much like nitro.